The DALL-E Generator plugin uses OpenAI’s DALL-E to generate an image from a text description.

The plugin will combine all text that is passed to it into a single prompt for image generation. The plugin handles retrying for rate limits and uses Steamship’s OpenAI API key by default, eliminating the need for you to have a separate OpenAI account.

The simplest possible example is:

dalle = steamship.use_plugin("dall-e")
task = dalle.generate(text="A cat on a bicycle")
image_content = task.output.blocks[0].raw()

The Generator interface supports many other ways to provide input and persist output.

The DALL-E plugin has a few configuration parameters:

  • openai_api_key: str, An openAI API key to use. If left default, will use Steamship’s API key.
  • n: numeric, How many images to generate for each prompt. This is how many Blocks will be in the output.
  • size: str, default “1024x1024”, The size of the ouptut images. May be "1024x1024", "512x512", or "256x256".
  • max_retries: int, default 8, Maximum number of retries to make when generating.
  • request_timeout: float, default 600, maximum seconds to wait on calls to OpenAI.