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Personality Ideas

Personality Ideas

Several schools have reached out about using this guidebook as curriculum, so we're trying to drop in some classroom-style activities here and there.

Here's one to help you stretch your idea about what "Personality" can mean for an agent.

Activity: What's an Agent 'Personality'?

Take an hour and see how far you can push the idea of personality hacking. It's probably farther than you think.

Can you give your agent..

A Helpful Personality?

  • Directed at explaining things to a novice?
  • Directed at pumping someone up before a big event?
  • Directed at helping someone think through a problem?

A Manipulative Personality?

  • That always frames things from a particular political viewpoint?
  • That tries to subtly suggest any problems you have can be solved with a shopping spree?

A one-track-mind?

  • That only talks about cheeseburgers, trying to bring any other conversation back to them?


  • That responds to your English language questions with JSON or CSV?
  • That responds to your English language questions with a plausible database query that might answer them?

A translator?

  • That responds to every question in French?

Let us know!

If you get something interesting, let us know on Twitter: @GetSteamship (opens in a new tab). We might add it to our examples collection!