Returning Audio from a Package Endpoint

Package endpoints can serve audio files by returning a InvocableResponse[bytes] object with the proper MIME Type set.

API callers will receive a binary response over HTTP with the appropriate Content-Type header, and Steamship’s auto-generated Web UI will wrap the response in an audio player widget.

from steamship.base.mime_types import MimeTypes
from steamship.invocable import PackageService, get
class AudioReturningPackage(PackageService):
    """This package demonstrates how to return audio from a Steamship package."""
    def audio_file(self) -> InvocableResponse[bytes]:
        _bytes = None # REPLACE: This should be a Python bytes object with MP4 Audio
        return InvocableResponse(_bytes=_bytes, mime_type=MimeTypes.MP4_AUDIO)