Running on Localhost

Running on Localhost

To run your project on localhost type:

ship run local

An ngrok account is required to run this command.

This will start a local instance with a number of ways to interact with it:

  • A Console REPL, which will start immediately in the console.
  • An HTTP endpoint, which will be printed to the console
  • A Web endpoint, which will be printed to the console

The output will look like this:

Running your project..
🌎 Public API:
🌎 Local API:  http://localhost:8080/...
🌎 Web URL:    https://steamship:com/debug?https://...
💬 Interactive REPL below.
You: _

Localhost caveats

Running on localhost currently does not yet support asynchronous tasks. In practice, this most often comes up with our DocumentIndexerPipelineMixin, which enables loading in PDFs, YouTube videos, and other large documents for vector storage and retrieval.