Plugin Project Structure

Plugin Project Structure

Your main implementation lives in the src/ file of your project. This file will have been created for you by the template you selected when starting your project.

Inside this file, you will find a class that derives from a base class specific to the plugin type.

From the implementation perspective, think of a plugin as a class that implements an Abstract Base Class that the Steamship Engine knows how to communicate with. Each plugin type implements an abstract base class with a different contract.

Consider the following tagger plugin:

class TagFileTagger(Tagger):
 def run(self, request: PluginRequest[BlockAndTagPluginInput]) -> BlockAndTagPluginOutput:
     file =
       Tag.CreateRequest(kind="Demo", name="You've been tagged!")
     return BlockAndTagPluginOutput(file=file)

Once deployed to Steamship, this plugin can be applied to files in Steamship, leaving each one with a tag that can be queried later.

You can also define configuration parameters for your plugin.