Steamship Packages (opens in a new tab) are cloud-hosted software libraries you can use in any programming environment.

Think of them as regular software libraries with an upgrade:

  • Packages bundle a full-lifecycle AI stack. Everything necessary to go from demo to production in minutes: code, models, data, and infrastructure.
  • Packages auto-manage their own infrastructure. If a package depends on an embedding index or a fine-tuned model, you don’t have to care.
  • Packages are stateful. You can create as many instances as you want: one per user, one per chat room, one per document folder. They remember their context.

That gives you the ability to use the full breadth of modern AI with a single import statement.

Import and use full-lifecycle language-AI packages in your Python, Javascript, and HTTP projects.

Build and deploy your own packages with our low-code framework. Works with your favorite AI services.

Code snippets for converting content, tagging entities, searching content, and more.