Agent Guidebook

Agent Guidebook

This guidebook will walk you through building and deploying your own AI Agent.

"Agents" are the emerging programming model for AI apps: from question answering, to AI management coaching, to image generation services, to AI friends.

The chapters in this guidebook will show you how to:

Plus it's all open-source Python: you can change anything you see in this guidebook.

Your Agent is Deployment Ready

All Steamship agents are ready to deploy to our AI-native stack. They have:

  • built-in, pre-authenticated support for popular LLMs and models (opens in a new tab)
  • a built-in managed vector database
  • file and key-value storage accessible from your tools
  • multi-tenancy: when you deploy an agent, others can create their own instance
  • async-task queues

Are you ready??

Let's get shipping!

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