Agent Guidebook
Required Skills

Required Skills

This guidebook is for Python programmers.

We've written it assuming no prior experience building with Agents, Tools, or LLM apps. Though experience with these is of course helpful.

A Steamship API Key (opens in a new tab) is all you'll need to do everything in the guidebook -- from DALL-E to Stable Diffusion to Voice Generation to Vector Search.

Note for workshops and classes

Several workshops and classes have used this guidebook as curriculum.

The biggest suggestion from those experiences is that everyone begin by forming pairs so that more-skilled programmers are evenly distributed around the room.

Here is an activity you can use.

Forming Teams

Programmers!, please put your laptops on your desk to identify yourself.

Poets!, please put your laptops away, just for now.

If you’re a programmer AND a poet, please play the role of a programmer so that every poet gets a buddy.

Are you ready?

Poets! Please stand up! For the next few minutes, walk around and find a programmer to team up with.

Programmers! Please welcome poets with open arms! This is an opportunity to collaborate!

If you're the MC, it's nice to invite folks who want help finding a buddy to approach you. That gives shy participants a plan of action that feels better than approaching strangers.

Once everyone is situated, invite the poets to take back out their laptops so they can program to. Forming groups is less about who controls the keyboard and more about making sure everyone has friendly help next to them.