Agent Guidebook
Connect your Agent
Embed on the Web

Embed your agent on a web site

You can embed your agent on other sites with an IFRAME

Use the SteamshipWidgetTransport Mixin (opens in a new tab) to give your agent a web-based widget you can interact with.

A full working example is here (opens in a new tab). You can copy and paste this agent into your file or use it as a reference.


A Mixin is just a way to add a bundle of functionality to your AgentService. Mixins can include new API endpoints, async processing pipelines, and webhooks.

Adding the SteamshipWidgetTransport Mixin

  1. Add SteamshipWidgetTransport to the static USED_MIXIN_CLASSES list in your AgentService
  2. Register SteamshipWidgetTransport in your AgentService __init__ with
    self.add_mixin(SteamshipWidgetTransport(self.client, self, self.agent))

Using the Web Widget

After deploying, just create an instance from the web.

That will take you to a web page that contains a chat window as well as other management tools for your agent.

Embedding the Web Widget

At the top-right, you will find an Embed widget with instructions for placing this chat window on other web pages.