HTTP Operation

Our client library is designed to broker all communication to Steamship, but our API supports HTTP operation if desired.


In general, most API requests consist of an HTTP POST with a JSON payload. For such requests, make sure to set the Content-Type header as follows:

Content-Type: application/json

Also include your API Key as a Bearer token in the header:

Authorization: Bearer {your-token}

Optional Headers

All API requests take place within the context of a Workspace. If you do not specify the workspace, you are using your default workspace.

To set the workspace in an API request, use the following header:

X-Workspace-Handle: {your-workspace-handle}

Engine Response Format

All Steamship Engine API responses use the following JSON format over the wire. Each field is optional.

  "task": {
    "taskState": "creating" | "waiting" | "running" | "succeeded" | "failed",
    "taskMessage": string,
    "taskCreatedOn": string,

In this response structure:

  • data contains the operation results, if available
  • task contains the operation progress, if it is still underway or if it has failed.

Creating a Package Instance

Steamship packages are listed in our package directory (opens in a new tab). To create one, sent an HTTP post with the following information:

  "packageHandle": "the-package-handle",
  "handle": "your-new-instance-handle",
  "packageVersionHandle: "optional-version-handle",
  "fetchIfExists": true,
  "config": {
    "key1": "value1"

In the above POST request, the packageHandle references the package you’d like to use. The handle creates a private stack for data and infrastructure that package depends on.

The result will include a JSON object containing information about your new instance.

Invoking a Package Method

Once you have a package instance, you can invoke a methods on it over HTTP. Get the workspace handle and package instance handle from the response of your instance creation request.

POST https://{username}{workspace-handle}/{instance-handle}/method
  "JSON": "BODY"